Edie Jordan​​

Testimonial for Edie Jordan's book, The Flying Pig.

I  taught Children's literature for over a decade while serving on the  faculty at George Washington University in Washington D.C.   A very  enjoyable aspect of my preparations entailed regular visits to the  Library of Congress to check out every children's book I could get my  hands on, for the purpose of identifying the highest quality children's  books for different ages.  Browsing through the read-aloud books for the  younger set was a particular treat. Usually I could feel  a connection or disconnection in the first few pages. Invariably the  read-aloud that drew me into their world were inviting in terms of  language, message, illustrations and opportunities for interacting with  the story.

The Flying Pig  has it all.  This deceptively simple rhyming tale flows effortlessly,  just begging to be read aloud.  Edie's choice of words is impeccable and  manages to hit notes of truth all along the way, underscoring a central  theme that is worthy of all ages: you will create what you desire if you  believe you can.  Supporting all this are  uncomplicated line-drawing  illustrations, which not only invite children to color them in, but also  to go beyond by giving artistic expression to their own highly  imaginative and whimsical heart's desire.  All in all, this makes for a  delightful and worthwhile read-aloud experience. I am certain The Flying Pig would have made the final cut for my list of recommended children's books.   Lynne Putnam, Ed.D.


Other  poems by the author winning awards and contests sponsored by The Poetry  Society of Vermont.  Comments by the judges are also included.

The Messy Elves:  Winner of the Mary Margaret Audette Memorial award 2015

The Garden Gnome:                                                                                                     

1."This reader laughed at this limerick . It's fun and the idea consistently  developed." 

2. "Clever and fun. I love limericks."

3. " I love a deft limerick."

Mirror, Mirror:                                                                                                                           

1. "I like the rhyming and the four beat lines, some  trochaic some iambic.  Nice light verse."

2. "What a clever idea! The  poem is fun to read and on the whole, hangs together well..."

3. " Nice bit of light verse  concerning a "what if" idea.  This could be  shortened into a  nursery    rhyme with  a new twist."

4. "Entertaining whimsy; generally well rhymed and rhythmic."

Comments for other poems not 

selected as winners. 


Murder in The First:                                                                                                               

1. "A clever poem, fun to read and greatly enriched by unforced, well  chosen rhymes."

2. " This light verse could make Ogden Nash smile."
3. "A fun limerick with  slightly irregular rhyme mixing iambs and  anapests. Nice rhymes."


1. "This poet has a clever idea and the rhyme in this poem is  important, carrying the reader        from  verse to verse..."

2. " Engaging idea and lilt.  I enjoyed the offhand humor..."

3. "Nice rhymes.  The short diameter lines give the  poem a bumpy feel that fits with  the       speaker's indecision and procrastination."

 4. "What a clever verse. Simple! Clear! Rhythmic!  Well rhymed! And so true. I certainly         enjoyed your poem. Nice.
5. "Clever poem about procrastination."